Posted by: jdantos | February 20, 2006

Dreamin’ of Spring Training

It’s always this time of year when I get restless. It’s a seasonal thing, I think. I always need something to look forward to in a yearly-cyclical kind of way, and during the stretch around March I usually find myself scrounging around for that something. It’s a chilly 18 degrees tonight, and my literature review is interrupted by wishful flipping through pictures of the Red Sox Spring Training.

The idea of taking a road trip around the country visiting baseball stadiums is really growing on me. I think I might try to do it with one of my buddies (who’s a walking baseball encyclopedia) some spring or summer. Something about driving with the windows down, eating peanuts at a Cubs game, Camden Yards, catching the home team away… A great way to get outside and see this vast country of ours taboot. Although the game is slow as hell, I really enjoy the majesty and the spectacle of it – it’s soothing and steady.

Other things to look forward to: March Madness, San Antonio, Manuel Castells, the marathon, and oh yeah, did I forget to mention Spring Training?

First exhibition game is March 2…


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