Posted by: jdantos | May 30, 2006

Westward ho

Tomorrow we strike out to the west! I finally finished everything academic-like on Friday afternoon, and since then the past weekend has been a whirlwind of friends, packing, alcohol, sleeping, sun, and yummy food. It’s been great. The weather in the 70s and 80s has meant no socks for four days (yay!), frisbee, a sunburn, and a dip in a very chilly Atlantic Ocean yesterday. Most of the kitchen is bare (lunch today will be an adventure in improvisation), the bags are almost packed, the route selected, and a few more loose ends to tie up.

I went for a run on the Gym of the Charles River the other day, and it was smashingly beautiful. Everyone was outside, the Esplanade felt like a beach, and the fading afternoon sun made the city look amazing. That night, after cocktail hour and a dance floor at the “prom,” our department (200 strong) gathered around the piano and a band of students to sing along to Johnny Cash, forgetting the DJ and making our own music. The next day, wrapped up in conversation and about two glasses of wine into dinner, I realized what a great community is built here. It’s strange how much I’ll miss this place, despite how much fun it will be to leave.

And with that – my next post will be from 1000 miles away.


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