Posted by: jdantos | October 24, 2007

Let’s Go Red Sox

 It’s raining steadily here in Washington, but the rain just let up at Fenway Park.  The Sox have put on a strong showing in the first half of this game – 6 (make that 7, no 8 while I write this post!) to 1 Boston, Beckett 7 (make that 8 while I write!) strikeouts, and the hits just keep coming.  The Rockies look like a good team, but they’re simply overmatched.  I’ll wait to see what happens when we don’t have an unstoppable ace on the mound.

Things are looking pretty damn good, though, I’ve gotta say.  I always said that any AL team would probably beat an NL team, so as far as I’m concerned, the ALCS essentially WAS the World Series.  That said, the Rockies look like legitimate contenders and this should be no runaway series.

I do like listening to the AM WEEI/WRKO guys Joe Castiglione and Glen Gefner SO much better than the TV announcers.  At least the Fox guys are better than the TBS guys.  Trouble is the Gameday audio from MLB is about 10 seconds behind the TV, otherwise I’d mute the television.  Oh well, I can use the Gameday auoio feed as a replay :).

Tonight I’m watching from my couch.  Tomorrow will be from Stetson’s Bar & Grill with friends, and then Saturday night will be Greenwich Village’s best Sox bar, the Riviera (or thereabouts).  Sunday we’ve got a train back to D.C. to get us back to the living room by first inning of Game 4!  It’ll be awesome to spend the weekend in New York.

All this winning in Boston is making me just a wee bit homesick for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  But there are tons of Red Sox Nation members here too, and the 80-degree weather sure is a plus :).  Ah well…



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