Posted by: jdantos | March 11, 2008

Morning Mist on the Potomac

On my bike ride in this morning, as I crossed the Key Bridge I watched huge billows of mist lifting off of the Potomac River.  Georgetown crew team was out on the river for a morning practice in the fog.  The sun was rising, low and orange on the horizon to my left over the Washington Monument.  Even though I was pedaling along, and cars were whirring by me, my headphones were playing Theme from the Bottom, and it seemed ethereal and peaceful.  A moment later I was panting my way up the hill towards Rossyln.

This city can have a beautiful side – I guess you just have to wait for it to show up when you aren’t anticipating it.



  1. I remember moments like that in DC. All of a sudden there comes this critical mass of cool things in your perception…and, whoa, cool city. The rest of the time its a strange mess of ceremony and function, all tangled up.

  2. Sorry, that Anon was me.
    Sorry, that last anon reply post was me, not logged in.

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