Posted by: jdantos | July 11, 2008

Nationals Park – Tentblock?

 So… I was planning to head to Nationals Park tonight after work and nab day-of-game tickets for $5.  (Part of me wants to see if this is for real!)  I’ve also read laudatory articles claiming that these nosebleed seats have some of the best views in the park of the Capitol, Anacostia Riverfront, etc.  Amidst the controversy about the ballpark’s construction was the oft-cited claim the Washingtonians somehow MUST drive their own vehicles to a sporting event, even if the ballpark is 2 blocks from a Metro stop, so the builders were pressured to build massive parking structures around the park for around 20,000 spaces (for a 40,000 seat park).  Well, so far the haters have been wrong – alot of parking is going unused – combination of middling attendance, and lots of people taking Metro.

Now, the team has now installed a big honkin’ red tent on the top floor of a parking garage that no one uses that blocks the view from the cheap seats.  I really hope it’s gone by tonight.


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