Posted by: jdantos | March 9, 2010

Ugly Shirt

One of the few drawbacks to commuting by bicycle is managing and transporting clothes and shoes.  For me, commuting clothes are an entirely different set than working clothes, so I’m usually carrying a full set of clothes around in my bag, whether riding or metro-ing.  Depending on the weather and work travel, I’m usually trying to be strategic about transporting bulky items (boots, towel) on metro days, or leaving certain items at the office.

Usually the system works fine, but sometimes the logistics crumble.  Usually the result of me forgetting something in the morning when not yet awake.  Then I end up having to bike home wearing hiking boots, dry off from the shower with a t-shirt, or ride in work pants or something.  The worst is times like this morning, when I arrive at work, work out, shower, and realize I forgot to pack a shirt.  Or the time last fall when I forgot pants and had to sneak around my cubicle in cargo shorts.

So today, rather than metro all the way home and back again, I toughed it out and wore my biking sweatshirt for an hour until Orvis opened across the street at 10, went over, and came out wearing the only small they had, a horrifically ugly new yellow/tan plaid shirt.  For $59.  Ouch.

The saying goes, “dress not for the job you have; dress for the job you want.”  Today, I’m dressed for neither – more like for the job I forgot.

I think this shirt will become a permanent cubicle-based backup.


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