Posted by: jdantos | April 4, 2010

Red Sox!

Feels like spring is really here!  Today was in the upper 70s and sunny, unseasonably warm and pleasant.  Low humidity, no bugs yet – wow!  Only drawback is tons of pollen and itchy eyes.

Went out for a run today, up to the Capitol Building, over the Mall to the Lincoln, then back to the Smithsonian metro station… the Mall was totally mobbed.  What must have been hundreds of thousands of people, all out enjoying the weather – picnicking, playing sports, walking, admiring the blossoms, etc.  In fact, it was hard to run at certain points, there was just so much foot traffic on sidewalks!

The afternoon was spent at the first game of the season at Nationals Park – an exhibition game against the Red Sox.  Every Bostonian/New Englander in DC must have been there, because it was nearly a sellout and it felt like it might’ve been Fenway itself.  We saw Varitek pinch hit for a run, Ortiz, Pedroia, etc.  Mike Lowell at first!?  And Wake and Dice-K were great.  There were enough Yankees fans walking around (why?) that it made me jazzed up for opening day Sunday night :).  What a beautiful afternoon to be in the ballpark with a beer and a grilled cheese.  Took the picture at left with my phone.

Alot of DC United fans in the neighborhood tonight for the home opener at RFK.

Planted a second round of sugar snap peas this week, planted mint, and started some basil and eggplants inside today.  There still is a small chance of frost (we’re at 50% mark now), and likely a few more weeks of sub-50 degree temps at night, so not taking chances with warm-weather veggies yet.  Need a trellis to support vining peas.


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