Posted by: jdantos | February 17, 2011

Ten months?

It’s been about 10 months, but here we are.  As my career has taken a turn, I think for the better, I’ve been involved in more work in DC.  Only problem is, my commute has shortened dramatically from about 20 miles a day to 6.  A three-mile bike ride is much less of a “to-do” – can be done in normal clothes, not crazy gear required, etc.  So, I now often ride my bike in a tie.  Easy to do in the fall and winter – let’s see how this pattern holds up as the weather gets warmer.

Capital Bikeshare has arrived here in Washington, bringing with it a whole new type of bicycling and a new attitude towards bicycling in the city as well.  I was skeptical at first as a bring-my-own-bike-everywhere person, but after I signed up in October, it has changed the way I ride and the way I get around.  I can now integrate biking into my daily life in ways I never thought possible.  There’s something about those lazy, happy-go-lucky red bikes that makes you slow down, and realize what a nice ride you’re on.  And since I’m not worried about my gear or the inflation level on my rear tire, I notice – oh, isn’t the Jefferson Memorial nice from this angle??  Or, it’s raining this morning but supposed to taper off by the afternoon? Take the train, but bring the helmet for the Bikeshare ride home.  I’m lucky to have stations nearby my house and work; further out, the network starts to dissipate.

Spring is finally on its way after a long, cold, disheartening January.  I found myself getting into the winter doldrums after Christmas.  Not much sunlight, and not much reason to be outside.  One of the things I love about this climate compared to New England is the shorter, milder winters.  Just enough ot make you appreciate the seasons, but not enough to severely bum you out until April.  We’re headed for the 60s and 70s tomorrow and Friday.  Yahoo!!  I’ve begun to go for jogs around the Mall during lunch break – great way to get some exercise and sunlight.

More regular postings, I hope soon.  Topics? twitter, my new job, public service, pets, sleeping on a sailboat, baseball, next year’s garden, last year’s garden, ‘your acceleration is pointless’.


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