Posted by: jdantos | October 16, 2011

Coffeeneuring, Ride 2

Bike Route from Barney Circle to Dupont Circle

Today was a crisp, sunny Sunday morning in October, so we headed out to the Dupont Circle FreshFarm farmer’s market for the weekly dose of fruit, veggies, meat, bread, and of course cheese.  And along the way, we needed coffee.  We took the bike-friendly route from Capitol Hill to Dupont, via the cycletracks on Pennsylvania Ave. and 15th Street.  The White House plaza section was closed off, requiring a detour up 15th, annoying yellow police tape notwithstanding.  The route is a bit slower than shooting straight up Mass. Ave., but the lack of car traffic makes it good for a Sunday morning.

Anti-GMO Protest, blocking our way... to buy non-GMO foods at the farmer's market.

The ride was interrupted briefly by an anti-GMO protest of some kind headed south down New Hampshire Ave. NW.  It was slightly ironic that this protest was stopping us from going to a farmer’s market to buy local, non-GMO groceries.

The market was packed as usual, and afterwards we hit up Starbucks for an iced coffee and a vanilla chai latte.  Yum. Yeah, it was Starbucks on Connecticut and R St. NW, not a local coffee shop, but hey – it was the right place at the right time.  Coffeeneuring ride #2 in the bag.

Total distance: 10.4 miles.

Ahh... iced coffee.



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