Posted by: jdantos | November 2, 2011

Savoring the Light and Warmth of Autumn

Getting the Car... the Long Way (click for map)

The car went into the shop today for some routine maintenance.  Since the shop is right on the Mt. Vernon Trail, I usually volunteer to play pickup/dropoff duty, and throw my bike in the back.  There’s something kind of awesome and poetic about pulling a bike out of a car at a car dealership, I can’t quite put my finger on it.

The ride northbound on the MVT this morning was really gorgeous. The mist was rising off of 4-Mile Run where it met the Potomac, serene and distant. The MVT was busy with commuters headed to DC – a cohort I’m not usually part of. Lots of yellow jackets, panniers, and blinky lights at 8:15am going over the 14th St. Bridge.

Leaving the office tonight, I was greeted by warm temperatures, a brilliant orange sun setting on the horizon.  I was headed from downtown to Alexandria, but I decided to take the long way! I think the W&OD is my new favorite trail. Not that it’s anywhere near my daily route, but it’s such a great, wide, fast trail that it’s a joy to ride on – to take joyrides on, one might say.

Sadly, the sunlight is fading fast these days.  By 6:15 or so, it was getting dark and I was just turning from the Custis to the W&OD.  Soon it will be dark by 5pm, and my evening rides will lessen, which bums me out. All the more reason to savor the light and the warmth we’re getting right now.


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