Posted by: jdantos | November 13, 2011

D.C. Tweed Ride, 2011

D.C. Tweed Ride 2011

I took part in my first Tweed Ride today, a luxurious, dignified, and stately stroll around downtown Washington.  Despite a late night at a great concert, and then an early morning race on Hains Point, we rallied for tweed.  Dressed in our finest herringbone, tweed, finery, and some bike gear, we headed to Meridian Hill Park, picking up other tweed riders along the Penn. Ave. and 15th St. cycletracks.  (Well, truth be told K was much more tweedy, and I tried to make do with a tuxedo vest and jeans.)

The ride was a serene ramble through downtown (map), passing Bicycle Space at 5th and I NW, and ending up back near home. The real fun, though, was in watching the other riders’ outfits and bicycles.  There were some really beautiful bikes out there, including classic European-style touring bikes, fixies and single speeds, and my favorite – Linus bikes. I think I want a Linus bike the way some people want a convertible – pure craving, but you realize it’s not as practical as your regular car. (but maybe…)

Some great outfits, too! Dapper and stylish. No spandex or lycra. I really need to step up my game for next year.  At least a hat and a proper vest next time.  Maybe even a coat.

A spectacular day, and a truly uniquely DC experience.  What fun.


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