Posted by: jdantos | January 11, 2012

Ten Months of Biking, by the Numbers

Here are a couple of more interesting ways of slicing the data on my last 10 months of biking. (Yeah, I’m a big nerd. Why do you ask?)

First, here’s every single day, with miles biked – even if it’s zero.  You can see how I got kinda nervous about the 50 States ride at the end of August, and started trying to spend more time in the saddle. Also, vacations and holidays where I didn’t ride much.  There’s some work-related mileage in there too, mostly this fall.  Also, a lot of one-way commutes on Bikeshare to deal with rain last March and April.

Miles biked, by day - March to December 2011 (click for larger)

Second, here’s miles biked by day of week.  I guess I like longer rides on Sundays, but I look pretty steady throughout the week.  I’m only a teeny part weekend warrior, it seems.

Miles Biked by Day of Week, March to December 2011. Looks like I'm only a teeny part weekend warrior.



  1. I’m not sure why data analysis is so interesting, but it is. What are you using to track your rides?

  2. Thanks! I use RunMeter on my phone – a bit more here:

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