Posted by: jdantos | February 29, 2012

Utilitaire, #8

Parked outside BicycleSpace

Partially inspired by the simplicity of Capital Bikeshare, and the fact that we do more and more of our riding just around the neighborhood as transportation, we’ve been in the market for a few new bike things, including a new “city” bike.  Not a long-distance road bike, but an errand bike.  Something that can haul a half gallon of milk, looks good, and can be ridden in work clothes. Bikeshare is great, but in the spirit of laziness sometimes you just want the bike in your house, rather than walking to the nearest station, ya know? So, last weekend we spent some time ogling Linus bikes at BicycleSpace, and wondering about how a  3 vs. 8 speed hub would help on the slog up Capitol Hill. On Sunday, we put in an order for a Linus Mixte 3 in red.

Carrying home a new bag in an old pannier.

In the midst of all this bike shopping, I got distracted and smitten by other items in the store, so I returned this week to buy a Linus market bag to supplement my grocery panniers. BicycleSpace is only a few blocks from work. The market bag is more more useful, classy, and less apt to bounce off than the old panniers – so far, so good.

On the way home, the evening air was so nice I decided to take a loop around Hains Point (yes, still dressed in a tie) to catch the remains of the sunset. There were a few roadies out, and the sunset was glowing orange. Spotted a fox running across the road in front of me.

Destination: BicycleSpace

Total distance: 10.3 miles, including joyride

Things I learned – well, more like pondered: Getting the transportation equipment you want is a common sentiment in America, I think. Whether it’s choosing between two kinds of cars, or picking your favorite bicycle (or equipment), iPod for a pedestrian/transit rider, or just picking out a bumper sticker – we perceive that our mode of transportation says alot about us, so we think hard about it, and spend money on it.  Maybe it’s a sign of modern marketing’s success.  But transportation is an integral part of modern life, regardless of mode. And especially in urban areas where we mostly experience transportation in common with others – from sitting in the same traffic to the same subway car to the same bike lane – we are constantly searching for ways to personalize (or even “best”) the experience.

Utilitaire #8, including Hains Point joyride



  1. Utilitaire plus joyride! Re what you pondered: Have you read the book Traffic? I just started reading it and it touches on this theme of identity and vehicles. The author asserts this is of particular importance in the U.S.

  2. […] Too hot (or cold) to ride? Capital Bikeshare stats man JDAntos is at it again with another post about CaBi’s usage and its relationship to temperature. Good stuff coming out of this blog, and I don’t just say that because he’s also doing the Utilitaire 12! […]

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