Posted by: jdantos | March 1, 2012

Utilitaire #9, Category Change

Bringing the car to the shop... by bike.

Last weekend, I took the car into the shop… by bicycle!  The shop is right off the Mt. Vernon Trail and 4 Mile Run, so we loaded the bikes on the car and headed across the river. After an ironic flat-tire change and in-field-car-jack-refresher-course in Crystal City (who gets a flat while on the way to the shop?), we dropped off the car for its regularly scheduled maintenance, unloaded the bikes, and headed north on the MVT to run some errands in Courthouse/Clarendon.

Wow, the headwind on Saturday was really whipping down the river from the northwest.  It’s been a long time since I’ve ridden in conditions that challenging.   It’s amazing how no matter what the wind direction claims to be, the Potomac River seems to wrench it around so that it’s coming directly at you on that trail section.

Downwind run on the MVT.

After shopping and a nice warm-up brunch, back down to pick up the car. This time, I had the wind to my back… at least as far as Gravelly Point, when it turned to a crosswind.  Man, it was fun riding downwind, when the wind in your ears goes silent and you seem to fly effortlessly along, hearing much more of your surroundings. I felt like I was flying.  Much more fun!

With the car deemed shipshape, the bikes loaded back on, and a chunk of change later (cars are expensive, huh?), we were back to DC.

Destination: Car shop in Alexandria

Total mileage (by bike): 14.6

Things I learned:

  • Headwinds during a High Wind Advisory can make for very slow slogs upwind, and really fun downwind runs.
  • Multimodal choices are a great luxury

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