Posted by: jdantos | March 7, 2012

Utilitaire #4

Jazz at Columbia Station

So, after a long and frustrating day Friday, it was time to head out towards Adams Morgan.  From Capitol Hill to AdMo is an inconvenient Metro or taxi ride, so despite the drizzle we decided to ride.  But when the drizzle turned to more like plain old rain, we bailed, parked the bikes at Union Station, and took Metro.  By Dupont, the rain had lessened so we huffed up the hill on 19th Street on Bikeshare.

First, some straight-ahead jazz at one of my favorites, and a hidden gem among the  ruins of 18th Street NW, Columbia Station.

Then, later, karaoke. Much fun was had, many songs were sung, and bedtimes were missed.

The way home? Bikeshare straight down to Union Station, then back on the bikes to home.

Total mileage: 8 miles roundtrip

Things I learned:

  • A little rain is okay, but a steady rain is a bummer. Especially when not everyone has fenders.
  • Staying out past my bedtime can be great fun, but I’m getting old.


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