Posted by: jdantos | April 17, 2012

Two Loops, Two Sunsets

You know what’s great about the Arlington Loop? It’s really close by, and they’re fantastic trails. My favorite times to ride are in that interstitial space in between work and home, and thanks to the good ‘ole Earth spinning in its orbit, that time is growing rapidly this time of year. And, it just happens to be coinciding with some spectacular weather.  (Hence the recent paucity of posts)

Twice in the last week now I’ve gone around the Arlington Loop after work. Tonight, the ride down 15th St. and around the Tidal Basin to the 14th St. Bridge was like riding on a river of bicyclists. The Mt. Vernon Trail was downright crowded, with bikes and joggers so thick that some people were passing badly. I even experienced the surprising double-pass, where you go to pass someone ahead, and look back to your left only to see that someone else even faster is passing you.  Yeah, that’s crowded. But for the most part, people go about my speed, and I don’t mind going a bit slower than I’d like.  And it usually opens up again on the non-MVT segments.

I’ve tried it both directions, depending on the wind direction, and for some reason I think going up the Custis inexplicably results in more uphill than down.  I don’t know how it happens, but it feels like it does.  But getting all the uphills out of the way first makes for a nice, gradual glide down the W&OD towards Shirlington.

The route on Thursday.

The route on Monday.

And, on both nights, I was treated to some really spectacular sunsets over the water:

Sunset over the Capitol on Thursday

Sunset from the Southwest Waterfront over Hains Point Monday


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