Posted by: jdantos | November 27, 2012

Track of the Night – Running in the Winter – Rock & Roll, by Eric Hutchinson

Meandering along the Mall in the Midwinter

Sometimes work can drag on me, especially in winter. Long hours, pitch black darkness for the commute home, wondering what’s it’s all for. Two things help – exercise and music. In winter I usually re-jigger my schedule to go for a lunch-break jog on the Mall, and then work late into the evenings. And when I do run, I admit I often don earphones for an accompanying soundtrack. (I try my best not to be a zombie, though, #bikedc-ers!) This song is a new addition to my running mix, and is a perfect antidote to wintertime blues.

This track by Eric Hutchinson’s is lilting, airy, boppy, and happy. I stumbled across this guy because iTunes said he resembled Jason Mraz. Kind of like bubble gum, or a Coke.  In any case, it’s “lite” in every way – upbeat, not too deep, and puts a quick in your step. Reminds me of jogging aimlessly around the Mall and hoping the sun will never set.



  1. You are my new favorite blog, I’m getting old and need someone to rely on to introduce me to new music. AND mixed with #bikedc stuff? Perfect!

    • Thanks!!

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