Posted by: jdantos | December 12, 2012

Track of the Night: Troublemaker, by Green Day

At the risk of dating myself, I remember listening to Green Day’s Dookie in my 7th grade years – around the same time as I was trying to figure out alot of things, including rebellion and girls, if I remember correctly. So Green Day has always been a bit of a throwback for me. Like, “Ha ha, remember the Meat Puppets? They were awesome” – that kind of reminiscing.

But even as they will ever be imprinted in my high school brain, Green Day has consistently put out some really top-quality quality through the years since then, and I really respect their versatility. Sometimes they sound a lot like their old selves, and to a certain extent their music is a bit formulaic. And sometimes they invent something new and great, like Boulevard of Broken Dream. But despite the repeat formulas, I am totally drawn in to their music every time – something so infectious, so upbeat, that it just makes you want to get up and go. American Idiot, for example, I thought was really good.

This track, Troublemaker, is a pretty simple punk song with a super irresistibly high-energy drum part. The chords are basic, but their timing and interspersal with the drums is addictive. The well-blended harmonies a third-up only makes it more upbeat.

This is a great get-pumped tune, with a bit a of 7th-grade nostalgia thrown in for good measure.

Green Day is apparently releasing a bunch of tracks in sequence – uno, dos, tres. Looking forward to the next!


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