Posted by: jdantos | December 18, 2012

The Key to Winter Bike Commuting is Hot Coffee

Thermoses and cupholders for everyone!

Hot coffee: the cornerstone of any cold morning bike commute.

Bike commuting this time of year, when the cold morning winds make my eyes tear up, I am reminded once again of the awesomeness that is hot coffee. In a thermos, stashed in the water bottle cage, and always easily available at any red light.

The days haven’t yet gotten too cold, so the afternoon ride home has been pretty tame so far, but the mornings have been chilly. But seriously, the warmth of a hot bevvy on a cold commute dramatically improves any winter morning.

Oh yeah – and while you were enjoying that sip of java, it was so tasty that the idea of running that red light never even crossed your mind. Well done, you.


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