Posted by: jdantos | September 16, 2013

How Close Does It Have To Be, Before It’s Too Close?

The post below is an occasional foray into politics. If you came here to talk about bikes, please skip to the next post – I promise it’ll less soapbox-y.

How close to you and your family does the next shooting rampage have to be, before it’s too close?

For those who know our neighborhood, the Navy Yard is just at the southern end of Eastern Market, about a mile from the house. If you’ve visited us, we probably went out to eat there. If this had been years in the future, my son could’ve been in preschool or kindergarten within the security perimeter lockdown today, sheltering in place.

How many horrible tragedies like this are we willing to tolerate before we can talk sincerely about gun control? How many more Newtowns, Columbines, or Auroras must we endure before we convince our Senators or Representatives it’s time to do something about mental illness? (I wish I had either a Senator or a Representative.)

Connecticut or Colorado or D.C. may seem far from your life. But what if the next rampage happens at your doorstep?  What if it were in your state? Your city? Your neighborhood? Your block?

How close does it have to be?


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