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  1. Love your analyses of the Bikeshare data. How about doing an analysis that would be really useful? That would be something to the effect of “mean time to next rental.” Sometimes I arrive at a rack downtown and the rack is full. The question that faces me is, should I wait for someone to come along and rent a bike, or pedal off to find another rack and walk back? On average which would be quicker. It would be helpful to know how often, for example, a bike is rented from the Farragut rack at 1:00pm on a Wednesday. That should be in the data, right? By the same token, one should also be able to determine “mean time to next return” for those times when you want to rent a bike but the rack is empty.

    Though I guess ideally that would be a feature added to the Spotcycle app. rather than just a blog entry…


    Jay Stanley

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